The Basics of Plumbing

In a recent article by the Washington Post, plumbing leaks waste 1 trillion gallons of water. Which is the same as 40 MILLION swimming pool. A staggering number isn’t it? The issue is a lot of these leaks are just normal things that don’t require a professional plumber.

It is however, important to understand the basics of the plumbing industry before you go all DIY and end up costing yourself in the long run.

It’s definitely a little daunting overall to think about your plumbing system. Think about every room that has some sort of water, then think about all of the pipes around the walls and where all of the water goes. Or, just think about how much water you use in your house on a daily basis. The water in your home comes from either a local well, or your city water system. Depending on the type will also determine your water pressures, and how your main pipe is connected to your water meter.

Professionals like Nacogdoches plumbers are always helpful and willing to provide some tips to help the average house hold. It’s first important to make sure you have a set of tools, complete with at least a wrench (if you don’t have a wrench…then go ahead and call a plumbing company).

There will be too many details to go into here, but it’s important to know that every house can be different. And also depending on your region as well as your home builder, we would highly recommend having a professional company do an inspection and then give you some tips and pointers about your system and how to properly maintain it. There are plenty of YouTube videos of course for the average DIY handyman, but leave it to the professional first.