We don’t expect everyone to be a plumbing professional, but we do know that a lot of common plumbing aspects can be handled at home by the average DIYer. We wanted to provide some details around a few tools in particular that you should have on hand for simple jobs, as well as a few others that are always handy to have.

  1. Plunger: Seems like an obvious thing to have in your home, which is why I listed it first. It’s the most basic of basic plumbing tools, and can be used for other things besides a toilet. There are also different types, including flange plungers that the normal plumber will normally keep on hand.
  2. Wrenches: More of a broad aspect, but it’s important to keep various wrenches around if you plan on doing any work yourself. A pipe wrench and Allen wrench are the two most common that your probably already have in your garage. There are several others to consider that are more appropriate for plumbing jobs including a basin wrench and faucet valve-seat wrenches.
  3. Drain snake and/or drain auger: If you have a clogged drain, a drain snake is normally the first thing the average homeowner grabs. You do of course have to be careful not to push too far or pull too hard. A drain auger is a similar tool, and functions the same way for the most part but is used for bigger lines.
  4. Channel Locks and Slip Join Pliers: Two more tools that are pretty common, but also pretty handy. Channel locks are great when you need to hold a pipe, while using your other hand for something else. And slip joint pliers go right with them to help hold other tools and pipes.
  5. Plumbers Tape: An important, but sometimes forgotten “tool” to have with you. Great to help prevent leaks.
  6. Washers and O-Rings: Definitely more of an advanced item to have on hand. Extra washers and O-rings are normally needed when working on faucets and stopping drips. These can grow old and crack easy, so it’s important to have a few extra.
  7. Hacksaw and Pipe Cutters: If you need a saw or pipe cutter, you probably have a pretty extensive job on hand. But if you’re needing to remove or replace older pipes…both are very handy.

There are of course several other tools and items you can keep on hand to make sure you have everything you need if you’re going to be performing some DIY plumbing projects. It’s important to always remember to do your research, and if you aren’t 100% comfortable with the job…call a professional. We thank our plumbing Allen TX friends for some additional info and insight!