HOA Property Management

Thinking of hiring a property management company or manager to take over the operations of your community? It’s a daunting task for an individual to handle the day to day management of a homeowners association. Which is exactly why there are companies and specialists available to handle just that. But what exactly do they do for you?

  • Overseeing Contractors – The daily companies required to do work on the property, from lawn crews general contractors.
  • Accounting and Finances – Bookkeeping isn’t fun, but it’s vital and has to be done correctly. Property managers are able to not only handle the normal bookkeeping, but also create and handle budgets, report to the board on financials, etc. Very important aspects that you can take off your hands.
  • Rule Enforcement – One of those things that nobody likes to do, but a required task when it comes to normal HOA rules and procedures.
  • Insurance – Another vital aspect of an HOA Community. Insurance claims have to be handled very carefully, and make sure all fees and are assessed correctly.

It’s then deciding on if the fees to handle these tasks are worth. More often than not, it is.

Costs are divided in several ways, in which the HOA board normally decides on what they need when choosing a property management company. Someone to handle ongoing management fees, initiation fees, and of course exit fees should you have to change companies.

In the end, a HOA management company can make or break your community. The level of contractors and vendors that they can bring in will go a long way in addition to the day to day activities listed above. Start your research now, reach out and schedule some meetings with some local property management companies to see who would best to work with!

The Basics of Plumbing

In a recent article by the Washington Post, plumbing leaks waste 1 trillion gallons of water. Which is the same as 40 MILLION swimming pool. A staggering number isn’t it? The issue is a lot of these leaks are just normal things that don’t require a professional plumber.

It is however, important to understand the basics of the plumbing industry before you go all DIY and end up costing yourself in the long run.

It’s definitely a little daunting overall to think about your plumbing system. Think about every room that has some sort of water, then think about all of the pipes around the walls and where all of the water goes. Or, just think about how much water you use in your house on a daily basis. The water in your home comes from either a local well, or your city water system. Depending on the type will also determine your water pressures, and how your main pipe is connected to your water meter.

Professionals like Nacogdoches plumbers are always helpful and willing to provide some tips to help the average house hold. It’s first important to make sure you have a set of tools, complete with at least a wrench (if you don’t have a wrench…then go ahead and call a plumbing company).

There will be too many details to go into here, but it’s important to know that every house can be different. And also depending on your region as well as your home builder, we would highly recommend having a professional company do an inspection and then give you some tips and pointers about your system and how to properly maintain it. There are plenty of YouTube videos of course for the average DIY handyman, but leave it to the professional first.

Marriage Counseling 101

Love your relationship. That’s what it comes down to!

We understand though, relationships are hard. And for more reasons then we have the time to get into. Author Dave Meurer once said, “A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.”

A great thought, because there are always going to be differences. But it’s important to understand that the differences don’t have to be a separator. They also say that opposites attract right?

As important as that is, it is also important to know that you are not alone. Of course nobody and no relationship is perfect, but what we mean is that there are trained therapists that specialize in marriage and couples therapy. When love is built around the differences, we should turn to counselors to help us understand what that means, how to approach situations, and how to communicate.

Communication is often the key topic to explore and address. It’s extremely common for issues to fester because one or both individuals in the relationship aren’t A) letting their significant other know of their feelings, or B) are scared and hesitant to bring up situations thinking it would only make it worse.

Working with a marriage therapist like our marriage counselor Keller TX friends can open up a world of learning when it comes to problem solving, understanding and resolving conflicts, and just openly talking about how to improve even small complications. Again, if you or your spouse don’t know of what might be causing an issue, how would you ever resolve it?

According to the American Psychological Association, couples counseling using emotion-focused therapy (EFT), is about 75% effective. This approach helps couples think about their current approach to issues and conflicts, and then builds on how to strengthen or alter those methods.

Couples therapy doesn’t have to be reactive. Being open with one another with a professional counselor in the room can bring your relationship to another level. We would highly recommend you consider marriage counseling, no matter where you are in your relationship!

Common Plumbing Tools You Need

We don’t expect everyone to be a plumbing professional, but we do know that a lot of common plumbing aspects can be handled at home by the average DIYer. We wanted to provide some details around a few tools in particular that you should have on hand for simple jobs, as well as a few others that are always handy to have.

  1. Plunger: Seems like an obvious thing to have in your home, which is why I listed it first. It’s the most basic of basic plumbing tools, and can be used for other things besides a toilet. There are also different types, including flange plungers that the normal plumber will normally keep on hand.
  2. Wrenches: More of a broad aspect, but it’s important to keep various wrenches around if you plan on doing any work yourself. A pipe wrench and Allen wrench are the two most common that your probably already have in your garage. There are several others to consider that are more appropriate for plumbing jobs including a basin wrench and faucet valve-seat wrenches.
  3. Drain snake and/or drain auger: If you have a clogged drain, a drain snake is normally the first thing the average homeowner grabs. You do of course have to be careful not to push too far or pull too hard. A drain auger is a similar tool, and functions the same way for the most part but is used for bigger lines.
  4. Channel Locks and Slip Join Pliers: Two more tools that are pretty common, but also pretty handy. Channel locks are great when you need to hold a pipe, while using your other hand for something else. And slip joint pliers go right with them to help hold other tools and pipes.
  5. Plumbers Tape: An important, but sometimes forgotten “tool” to have with you. Great to help prevent leaks.
  6. Washers and O-Rings: Definitely more of an advanced item to have on hand. Extra washers and O-rings are normally needed when working on faucets and stopping drips. These can grow old and crack easy, so it’s important to have a few extra.
  7. Hacksaw and Pipe Cutters: If you need a saw or pipe cutter, you probably have a pretty extensive job on hand. But if you’re needing to remove or replace older pipes…both are very handy.

There are of course several other tools and items you can keep on hand to make sure you have everything you need if you’re going to be performing some DIY plumbing projects. It’s important to always remember to do your research, and if you aren’t 100% comfortable with the job…call a professional. We thank our plumbing Allen TX friends for some additional info and insight!